Pro-Level Sony APS-C Camera Rumored to be Released Soon

According to, a new high-end Sony APS-C sensor camera will be available by Christmas 2018.

The rumor states that this camera would be sort of a “mini a9,” which makes me think this may be released as the first body in a new alpha 9000 (a9000) pro-level APS-C series.

We may see an a9000 first, before Christmas, followed up in early 2019 with a more prosumer-oriented a7000.

The naming conventions are mere speculation at this point, but it would make sense to mirror the a7 and a9 full-frame series with smaller-sensor cameras of similar capabilities.

Source: (SR4) High End APS-C camera should be announced before Christmas time

Will Nikon’s Upcoming Mirrorless Camera System Be Full-Frame?

Ever since Nikon announced a “serious” mirrorless camera system was in production to be slotted in a market segment above the current Nikon 1 lineup, there has been a good deal of speculation as to the sensor size that will be used. Many believed that Nikon would opt to standardize on either an APS-C or full-frame sensor size for their new cameras.

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