Nikon Files Patents for Ultra-Fast Mirrorless Lenses

Reports that Nikon has patented two ultra-fast mirrorless lenses has certainly lended credence to their claim that they are working on a “serious” mirrorless camera system.

Nikon 52mm f/0.9 full-frame mirrorless lens diagram
Nikon 36mm f/1.2 full-frame mirrorless lens diagram

Japanese website hi-lows-note reports the Nikon patent filing on the two full-frame mirrorless lenses – a 52mm f/0.9 lens and a 35mm f/1.2.

There is speculation that the f/0.9 lens speed is taking advantage of a new mirrorless lens mount being designed by Nikon. In the past, it was rare to see Nikon F-mount lenses any faster than f/1.2, which is believed to be due in part to economic and design constraints related to the mount diameter and flange distance.

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