Nikon Z6 II Autofocus Tests

Some early autofocus tests have been published on Z6 II pre-production models. The Z6 II does seem to have slightly improved Eye-AF compared to the Z6, but not dramatically so.

Hopefully, as we’ve seen with the original Z6 and Z7 models, firmware updates will continue to improve autofocus capabilities. The addition of a second processor on the “II” models definitely gives them the potential to grow in this regard.

While these early tests do provide challenging conditions with regards to movement, they all seem to be done in good lighting conditions. I would like to see how the AF system performs in lower light indoor settings like weddings.

Taylor Jackson: Nikon Z6 II Autofocus Test

Kelvin Hu TV: Z6 vs. Z6 II Autofocus

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  • Nikon Z6 II (
    To be released November 5, 2020
  • Nikon Z7 II (
    To be released December 10, 2020

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