What Is the File NC_FLLST.DAT Doing in My Nikon DCIM Folder?

One of the odd quirks I’ve come across since using the Nikon Z6 is the persistent appearance of a file called NC_FLLST.DAT that appears alongside pictures in the DCIM folder on the XQD card.

If you use an automated import utility like Nikon Transfer, you may have not even come across this, but for those of us who like to copy files over manually, this file has become a bit of a mystery.


There is no official documentation from Nikon that would indicate what this file does, but the consensus seems to be that it is a small file written by the camera for internal indexing use.

It possibly stands for “Nikon Camera File List” or something along those lines.

It doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose outside of the camera, so Nikon probably should have made this a hidden file.

No matter how many photos I have on the Z6’s XQD card, the file size seems to be fixed at 80k, so it is probably just used as an ultra-fast fixed-size lookup table, possibly to help speed up switching back and forth between images in the camera interface.

Is it safe to delete the file?

Yes, many users, myself included, have concluded that deleting the file has no ill effects. Feel free to copy it over, delete it, or simply ignore it. The next time you use your camera, this zombie file will automatically respawn anyway!

Photo by Nathan Wright on Unsplash

The worst thing that happens if you copy over NC_FLLST.DAT to your computer is that Lightroom or other photo management software might complain about an unrecognized file on import.

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